Identity Checks

Nearly 10% of the profiles that you see on the internet are either copied from other public profile or misappropriated to dupe people. How do you stand out from the crowd and establish your online identity? Probitas Verify help individuals to verify their identity online and certifies you as a safe person to talk to. So, it makes sense to claim your online identity by getting Probitas Verified and safeguard your online reputation.

Marriage Background Check

In the Indian scenario where most marriage decisions are either taken by elder members of the family or immediate relatives it becomes important to verify the correctness of the claims made by people you want to consider for marriage. With the present infrastructure, relying only on personal network may put you in a difficult situation, wherein due to social pressure you may take a wrong decision. Best practice is to be true to the family which plan to tie knots with.

Probitas Verify can help you do:

  1. Education verification
  2. Reference checks
  3. Address verification of family members
  4. Passport verification
  5. Identity verification
  6. Criminal Record checks and more
Tenant Screening

With increased criminal acts the need for a sound background check of the tenants is a must. You want to avoid all the hassles due to not verifying the tenants you are renting the house.

Probitas lets you know the candidates you are considering to rent the house to by verifying the:

  1. Identity
  2. Address
  3. Criminal records
  4. Family Background
  5. Drug test and more
Domestic Helper verifications

Probably, the closest member not related to the families but who stay in the house are the domestic helpers. The drivers who drive you to your workplace or house, maids who work in your house day in and day out or the butler. To have a peace of mind while you are away from home or you are with them it is always advisable to have a full background checks done. Probitas verifies these helpers to not only safeguarding you from the potential crimes but also instils trust for these helpers in the house.

Business Services

Pre and Post Employment Verificationsions

Over 40% resumes contain one major fabrication says the SHRM…How do you protect your organization by not allowing any illegitimate candidate to work on a role that he/she is not meant for?

Present job market conditions provoke candidates to not only fake the resumes to land into a job they don’t suit or they enter organizations with an intention to cause harm to the workplaces.

Probitas Verify enables the HR to flag dubious candidates right at the beginning of the recruitment process to avoid unnecessary costs in the overall hiring effort helping them to save time and money which could otherwise be allocated to other HR activities.

Business Certifications (for small and medium businesses)

The obvious answer to the question “why you need business certification” is that it helps you get more sales...Thinking how?

Online Presence: Through Probitas Business Certification Program you can verify your business credentials through Probitas’ Audit to your business and use the digital certificate to get consumer’s trust.

Offline: The certificate can be used for promotional purposes inside or outside the office premises.

Web Support: Probitas will help you in creating a small website for you to get you a web presence wherein the onus of promoting your business online will be on Probitas Marketing Services

Marketing Support: if you already have a website, we will help you in promoting you websites on social media, search engines and other digital platforms.

Vendor/Partner Monitoring

A true business relationship is always based on trust and transparency in the business transactions. Quite often we hear about payments not being done on time, delivery of the services and products, not being done on time and the vendor/partner have a bad reputation of being in the market

Probitas Verify help you to verify credentials of your vendors and partners safeguarding you from possible hassles due to not doing the necessary due diligence on them.

Customer Monitoring (Know Your Customer)

Knowing your customer has always been a primary motive for all well known companies till date, it not only helps you make a better proposition for your customers but also helps in qualifying them as to whether you should go after them or not.

Purpose is to get mine more information about their whereabouts, their daily activity or any information which can give companies clues to finally close good sales!

Probitas Verify offers a Know Your Customer Program where we help our clients to track monitor and report the status of the target audiences or the customers.


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