Make your work place more productive and safer – Employee Background checks
Companies understand the need of hiring the right people, who would not only perform their duties with utmost devotion but also comply with the corporate ethic, code of conduct and maintain the decorum of the office.
It becomes imperative to who you are working with and what they are capable of by checking the individual capabilities and records. It gives the intelligence to the company’s to make decisions early in the hiring process whether to or invest in the candidate or not.
With increasing threats of corporate frauds, thefts and misconducts, selecting Probitas as Risk Mitigation Partner companies can benefit from the . Customizable solutions to screen anyone in your organization, from the mailroom to the boardroom, The most accurate and current information available, Quality searches processed in the fastest time possible, Unwavering commitment to legal compliance, And all information passed through rigorous quality controls

Help you make informed decision about your vendors and partners – Partner Verifications
Your company has requirements for vendors, partners, freelancers, consultants and other service providers. ProbitasVerify can help you make your more vendor and consultant friendly by screening the vendors and partners to your established acceptable standards.
This helps you to make an informed decision and helps you move ahead with confidence.

Let you know more about your customer – Customer Verifications
With increased legal complications many businesses find it difficult to meet the demands of the regulating bodies due to incomplete customer or employee information. 'Know Your Customer' norm violations are one of the most common set of misappropriations faced by many organizations.
We help companies with customer verification faster and reduce the cost of compliance

Getting you the trust of your customer – Company Verifications (for new and small businesses)
ProbitasVerify helps small and medium business become trustworthy and drive sales by building more confidence in the customers. The program helps companies to certify themselves as a legit organization by undergoing a 360 Degree Background check.
The certificate can be used to get more leads and conversions around the world by sharing the report with their prospective clients and customers online and offline


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